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The TWIG Wooden Lacrosse Stick

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The TWIG 32″ Wooden Lacrosse Stick – Artist : Justin Skaggs

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The TWIG is something that came from my imagination. I had a looming trip to India, and I wanted to bring a stick with me. The 32 inch design was made to fit both hands comfortably without sacrificing the full stick feel. The other main point of focus was the head width. I always feel that if a stick cannot hold a full sized ball, then it is not worth having. This is why we made a 4 inch wide opening, and modeled the frame after a box stick.

This is not a toy, so please do not leave it on your wall to collect dust next to you tee-ball trophies. These are strung with real bison hide gut wall, leathers, and bootlace. I wanted this to feel as authentic as possible.

The TWIG is not bent using the same methods as a full sized stick. I employ methods used in construction of wooden boats to bend the smaller pieces, which allows me to be more resourceful and less wasteful when consuming raw wood.

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