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#give Donate lacrosse sticks!

Donate one or more brand new complete lacrosse sticks today, and ambassadors from the Give & Go Foundation will hand-deliver them to underprivileged youth lacrosse players in your name.

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How It Works:

1. Choose how many complete sticks to donate

Each $100 donation covers one high quality complete lacrosse stick (expertly strung and legal for all levels of play) hand-delivered to an underprivileged youth player in need!

Amount# of new sticks donated
$100 →  1 stick
$500 → 5 sticks
$1,000 →  10 sticks
$2,000 → 20 sticks
$5,000 → 50 sticks
$10,000 → 100 sticks*

*THE 10K MATCH ⇒ Donate 100 lacrosse sticks, and we’ll match your contribution 1-to-1, meaning 200 total sticks donated in an underprivileged lacrosse community!

2. Add to cart, finish your shopping & checkout as usual

There are no shipping charges attached to donating new lacrosse sticks.

3. The brand doesn’t matter – we pick the best sticks!

We leverage our extensive network of sports industry partners to source high quality complete lacrosse sticks that are expertly strung and legal for all levels of play.

4. Your name and hometown is added to each stick you donate

This shows the recipient you care and demonstrates how truly connected our community is!

5. Hand-delivery of the stick(s) to underprivileged young athletes 

The Give & Go Foundation identifies key candidates for the new sticks, and often this leads us to scheduling free Grow The Game® Instructional Clinics at the same time.

6. Grow The Game!

The Give & Go Foundation documents its travels, donations and efforts on LaxAllStars.com so you get to see where your donation makes an impact!

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